Guarantee Guarantee

Perfect Painting offers a 1 Year Warranty on labour with exception to the following:

1. Peeling resulting from the breakdown of any underlying paint film

2. Peeling on any horizontal surfaces exposed to standing water such as wooden window sills and ledges, concrete, wood porches and decking, wood and steel handrails.

3. Any structural cracking of the painted surfaces. ie: shifting or movement in house, latex caulking around casement joints, trim or baseboards, crown mouldings.

4. Latex caulking shrinkage, cracks or gapping around casement joints, trim, baseboards and crown mouldings.

5. Sunlight/UV damage or fading of paint. Damage caused by cleaning agents. (We recommend the use of a lint free towel, warm water and a drop of dish soap.)

Notice to Owner:
This warranty covers labour only and excludes any paint and material used. Please refer the manufacturer for details regarding any warranties that may apply to the materials and paint used on your job. Full contract price must be paid in full prior to warranty validation.

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